Mechanisms of the Dialogue

The Dialogue is convened by a representative from the CSO/NSA community. 

  • Convenors serve in their roles for one RTMCFA. Convenors also accompany the chair of the RTMCFA to the next Heads of Fisheries (HoF) meeting where the RTMCFA report is presented and discussed. Vice-convenors also serve in their role for one Regional Technical Meeting on Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture (RTMCFA).
  • Vice-convenors may assume the role of convenor at the next RTMCFA.

Selection criteria for the Convenor and Vice-convenor were established as follow during the Third Community-based Fisheries Dialogue:

1. A Pacific islander based in the region.

2. Have extensive experience in dealing with coastal fisheries issues and challenges across the regions, with demonstrated skills in: 

  • grounded community-based fisheries facilitation 
  • proven leadership
  • mediating, communication and/or deliberating at national or regional fora.


3. Have affiliation to national, regional or international CSOs who have offices based in the region.

4. Candidates should not be from government (no current direct employment with government and/or politics), but preferably with experience in actively working cooperatively with government(s) is important. 


A Community-based Fisheries Dialogue Advisory Group (CBFD-AG) is convened to support the administrative processes of the Dialogue and facilitated by SPC.

The CBFD-AG includes the convener, vice-convener, SPC representatives and representatives from the CSO/NSA communities engaged in community-based fisheries. One CSO/NSA representative is selected from Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. The CBFD-AG is convened and co-chaired by a representative from SPC, a CSO/NSA representative from a different subregion to the convenor and vice-convenor, so all three subregions are represented.

The purpose of the CBFD-AG is to:

  • assist with the development of the agenda for the next Dialogue, 
  • identify potential participants, and
  • advise on engagement and reporting actions to support the Dialogue.

The same process for the selection of a convenor and a vice-convenor, including time frames, is applied to CBFD-AG participation. CBFD-AG CSO/NSA representatives though serve for a period of up to two years.

At the conclusion of the Dialogue, the convenor presents to the RTMCFA, a summary of key outcomes, advice, recommendations and requests from the CBF Dialogue. The report may reflect majority and minority views as well as a summary of any issues arising during the RTMCFA discussion, and is incorporated into the report of the RTMCFA, to be forwarded to the HoF meeting. The report is to be made broadly available, including to CSOs/NSAs and community groups.

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